About Winners World

By Tony Martin

Back in 2000/2001 I originally created a competition group known as Competitions Forums UK (CFUK) this was a great place for folk to share competition links, have a bit of banter, share news of their wins and more, plus we were one of the first sites that used to share the answers, because as we all know sharing is caring.

Then Social media came along with Facebook, Twitter and so much more, combined with some unfortunate life events and Competition Forums UK ceased to be in about 2010.

With the flood of suspect competitions and entrants that now exist on social media I decided to try and create something for people which got back to more old fashioned comping, but trying primarily to feature better prizes.

Seasoned compers will already know about ‘The Hook’, that being the prize that draws you into comping and never quite lets you go.

I like many that have comped since the start of 2000 while the better other was watching the soaps. I remember maybe having won 20-30 smaller prizes by August and was pondering do folk ever really win big prizes, then came the phone call and I got ‘The Hook’

I remember vividly being at work and on the lunch break. The better other called me questioning a firm called QED-UK ringing the home phone about delivery of some hifi equipment. The suspicion was I’d been wasting money I suspect but after calling QED I was delighted to call the other half and tell her that I’d won a £1000 Kenwood, 6 CD player 5 speaker HiFi system in a competition.

The adrenalin rush that I got standing in the street, I remember punching the air several times yessing like a scene from when ‘Harry met Sally’. My body was still shaking when I got back into work and just had to tell everyone, I was totally floating on air and it seemed forever to come down. I promise you those who have yet to have ‘The Hook’ to come into their lives, once you’ve had it then it’s like a drug (says the man who’s 20 years of comping and counting). Those who have already experienced it will know the feeling. The best bit is though just like a drug, each time you get a bigger win you will get that rush. You can win holidays, cars, big cash, TV’s, Phones and much much more.

As a part time comper over 20 years I’ve had easily 2000+ wins over that time and guestimate £100,000+ worth of prizes, with the best year being just shy of £15k worth but more usual being £4-6K worth of goodies, prizes have included 13 holidays or breaks abroad, 15-20 UK breaks, tickets to various sporting/themed events, concerts and more. I’ve not been lucky enough to win a car yet, but did once with a lowrider mini motorbike that Russell Brand cruised around the big brothers big mouth studio. Have won countless CD’s, Movies, books, merchandise and phones, tablets, ipads and more.

But this isn’t about a look at what I’ve won. Its about sharing a hobby I love with others both seasoned and new to comping and to pass on the message, I’m nobody special, but I am proof that you can be a winner too, it just take a mixture of effort, belief you will win and then waiting for luck to spot you are open for winning

Be lucky and enjoy the site