Facebook Groups

Prizeland Picks

Your first stop on facebook for top competitions from around the internet with all prizes worth £100+, the majority being far greater value than this figure. With over 2300 members its the place to share bigger web competitions with fellow compers and improve chances of winning

Facebook Picks

For those who cant pull themselves away from the facebook competitions this is the group with some 2500 members thee are no prizes worth less than £100 and like Prizeland Picks a lot of them are much higher value

Advent Picks

2020 will be the 10th Year of the Marathon month and a half of Christmas comping which can see folk entering over 500 comps a day through December, be quick with a lot of these competitions as a lot of the prizes are won on the day they are posted.

The Winners Lounge

With over 4000 members this is the facebook place to be there to look out for each other. The page relies on members to post in the group when winning names pop up on facebook as a lot of pages dont tag or message the winner. Back to the caring is sharing, you alerting someone to a win could be them returning the favour one day.